Zero Handoff Roaming

Multiple access points act as a cluster, appearing as a single AP and enabling seamless roaming by wireless clients.

Any-Sized Network Appears as One AP

A wireless client detects only one AP, so it seamlessly maintains its connection as it switches to the nearest AP. There is no need for the client to renegotiate; any negotiation is offloaded to the APs. They decide which AP should take over the live connection next when the client moves.

Ideal for Mobile Clients

Zero Handoff Roaming is ideal for mobile clients that tend to move around or sticky clients that tend to stay connected to the same access point.

Client connected to AP A

APs A and B negotiate to determine which AP best sees the client

AP B takes over the client connection

APs B and C negotiate to determine which AP best sees the client

AP C takes over the client connection

The UniFi®APs use multicasting to communicate with each other and determine which is the best AP for the client based on signal, thereby preventing any packet loss or latency. Only the AP with the best signal serves the client.

MultiLane RF
Multi-Lane®RF Technology isolates signals on the operating channel and rejects interference using specialized circuitry: the High‑Selectivity Receiver.

Increases Capacity and Throughput in High-Density Areas, Optimizes Operating Channel

MultiLane RF
Optimizes Operating Channel

Although theoretically channels 1, 6 and 11 of the 2.4 GHz operating band shouldn’t overlap, in practice there is cross-channel interference that affects receiver performance, especially in noisy, high-density environments. For example, a typical AP operating on channel 6 also hears RF from channels 1 and 11, because the typical AP has a generic filter that only filters out any non-2.4 GHz interference – all 2.4 GHz frequencies are still allowed in.

When the UniFi® AP-Outdoor+ operates on the selected channel, its Multi-Lane®RF technology specifically eliminates the other channel frequencies, creating a clean spectrum with minimal noise.

More Capacity – More Performance

Multi-Lane®RF technology adds 30+ dB of adjacent channel rejection through the active filter design, so the UniFi® AP Outdoor+ can achieve up to double or triple the performance of a typical AP in a high-density environment.

2.4 GHz Spectrum
2.4 GHz Spectrum with Multi-Lane RF